Tolerance, integration
and inclusion since 1994.

Mirno more It is the greeting of Dalmatian sailors and means something like “peaceful sea”. The Mirno More Peace Fleet is now the largest peace sailing project for socially disadvantaged children and young people and has stood for tolerance, integration, inclusion and peaceful coexistence since 1994.

The Peace Fleet sees itself as an important contribution to global peace, tolerance and friendship across all borders.

Since 1994, the peace fleet has been carried out in Croatia every September.

More than 100 ships now take part in this flotilla every year.

Due to the increased number of ships, the Peace Fleet has been carried out as part of a rally since 2006. On the one hand, this should provide time for educational work within the crews and, on the other hand, still enough time for exchange within the entire fleet.

Mirno more has now become a viable platform for a wide variety of target groups and social concerns. In addition to war orphans and refugee children, people with various restrictions, with social, emotional and other special needs can also participate.

Through the annual experience of a joint sailing week, the Peace Fleet creates ideal conditions under which the guiding goals of peace and social integration, tolerance and international understanding are implemented in a concrete, efficient and professional way, and with lasting effects.