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We sail for
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the world.

The Mirno More peace fleet does active, socially centered peace work and builds bridges across ethnic and social differences. Participants from over 30 nations sail year after year in the Croatian Adriatic with the aim of overcoming exclusion, living inclusion and throwing prejudices to the wind.


08 JUN

spring fleet

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14 SEP


The mission

to give

everyone a voice

The project

We are the biggest sailing project for socially disadvantaged young people worldwide. We are setting an important example of integration, inclusion and solidarity and are a living example of cosmopolitanism. What managers learn at training seminars aboard sailing ships is taught to young people at mirno more: the ability to work in a team, interpersonal skills, peaceful conflict resolution — and all this as part of a unique adventure in the nature of the Dalmatian islands.

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“As an honorary ambassador of mirno more, I am deeply moved to see how the Peace Fleet brings young people from different backgrounds and cultures together through education and intercultural exchange. This opportunity to learn and grow together on board is an impressive example of how we can lay the foundations for a better and more peaceful world. ”

Ali Mahlodji
Honorary ambassador

... I am deeply convinced that the Peace Fleet is making a decisive contribution to slowly but surely filling up the trenches of the past and building new bridges...

Dr. Alois Mock
Vice Chancellor A.D.

I wholeheartedly welcome and support the Mirno More Peace Fleet project, in which young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with their colleagues from other republics of the former Yugoslavia, participate and whose biggest goal is to spread tolerance, mutual respect and reconciliation so that they can build together for a better future throughout the region.

Dr. Tanja Milasinović Martinovic
Ambassador of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Austria

To see how the children and young people get together, how they make friends and spend time together, how they play and dance... no matter what they do, there is always a smile on their faces. And that is so nice! I'm happy to be a part of this project.

Mirna Jukic
Olympic bronze medalist 2008

Supporting the Mirno More Peace Fleet project was and is a matter close to my heart. Building bridges across everything that divides us requires more communication and understanding, self-reflection and willingness even for new or unusual things. In any case, the peace fleet offers the best framework for this in the past 30 years.

Dr. Boris Nemšić
Honorary ambassador

As part of the project, Mirno More is realizing what the European Union as a whole stands for - peace, cooperation, respect for one another and solidarity. In this regard, mirno more is part of the European peace project.

Mag. Jan Kickert
Political Director of the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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For us, the focus is on who else is disadvantaged. We sail with the aim of overcoming exclusions and throwing prejudices overboard.

23.NOV 2024

Im November sehen wir uns wieder zum Wiedersehens Treffen, um die erfolgreiche Flottenwoche zu feiern und revue passieren zu lassen.


08. JUN 2024 - 15. JUN 2024

Um die Vorfreude auf die Friedensflotte 2024 zu stillen, findet anfang Juni die Frühjahrsflotte statt!


14.SEP 2024 - 21.SEP 2024

Die Friedensflotte 2024 startet Mitte September in die nächste Runde!


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